The See-Through Heart

Meatless Mondays


Do I think a simple poster with cute animals will turn you into a vegetarian? Probably not, but it might get you thinking. 

Many of us grew up believing that meat, every day, was a necessity. The meat industry created a ‘tasty’ habit that is hard to break, and we were surely never encouraged to think of a chicken wing, or a lamb chop, or a spare rib as part of a sentient being that was raised and slaughtered to satisfy that habit. 

But now we do know that each of those animals, including fish, can feel pain and fear and, just like our animal companions, can respond to love.

And we also know the kinds of horrific lives most of these animals are forced to live to become food for us.

So, would you consider, if you haven’t already, a Meatless Day at least once a week, and make a habit of it? 

If you feel this is something you could do, who knows, maybe one day... could become two.

Let’s try!

Below are some resources to help you.


Thank you so much!

Wendie Hansen Sakakeeny



If you'd like to start your own Meatless Mondays campaign in your school or community, here are some free downloadable posters to get you started.